Rebuilding a Blog

Okay, all you savvy social media types. For some reason, I can’t delete this old blog and keep my login info for WordPress. I tried hiding all my old posts, but some of you keep subscribing to it anyway.

Fine — you win, take a peek.

I don’t update this thing anymore (today being the exception) but if you comment on something, maybe I’ll respond. I enjoy the interaction and distraction, but all of my time now is preoccupied with my administrative duties at Cedarcrest Sanctum. If you want to see what I’m up to, subscribe to that blog instead of this one.

Or not. Your choice.

I keep this one around because I like to remember it. I’m having a little trouble unhiding a few of the entries, so stuff may seem to appear from nowhere. I promise nothing new is being added here — if you don’t believe that, look at the entry dates. This all seems like yesterday and forever ago.

What was YOUR college experience like?

~ Janiss

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