The Week-Long Plan

I just heard from my dad. It took some finagling, but he and mom agreed.

Daniel and I can stay out at Gramma’s farmhouse over Thanksgiving break — just us.

You know: playing house.

Tomorrow after classes, I’ll load up and head out while Daniel runs Randy up to Ripley for his vacation. I’m nervous about all of this, but I need to know if Daniel and I will be together after this — I mean REALLY together. This was always the plan, wasn’t it? He and I together? Me teaching and him, well… I don’t know. I don’t see this as an ultimatum for him but rather for us.

I have been breaking my neck trying to get everything done before then end of the semester. I deserve a break.

I also need to see Ruth on Sunday out at Cedarcrest; I hope she likes the present I got for her.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone — talk again a week from Monday?

~ Janiss

  • There’s a storm in the forecast for Sunday night or Monday morning. This is what Gramma’s house looked like last Valentine’s Day. Stay safe out there!


One thought on “The Week-Long Plan

  1. I always loved Thanksgiving in WV especially in Gilmer County, I remember even when I lived in Santa Barbara, I would come to WV for Thanksgiving, and I lived in a paradise out there and on a 236 acre ranch on the edge of the Pacific and drove the coast highway to work every day.

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