A Soul of my own

Isn’t that a funny title?

Happy birthday to me (two days ago) and as per the usual I went up home to St. Clairsville to celebrate with my parents. Dad knew the BMW was starting to fall apart, so he told me to park it and asked what car I would like. It took a second to set in: a NEW car? BRAND new? “Anything you want, Sweetie,” he said before adding “Under $60K.”

I may have broken my “squee.”

Afterward, I admit I might have disappointed him. He suggested another BMW or a Mercedes, but I’ve had my heart set on one of those new little Kia Souls. Have you seen them? Those hamster commercials? They look like little shuttlecrafts from a sci-fi show. Besides, I didn’t want to show up for student teaching driving a vehicle that looks like I don’t need a job. It’s enough, you know?

And fully loaded, of course — and hotrod RED. I took a picture and stuck it up on the top of my blog so I can see it every time I visit. I felt a bit sad parking it tonight knowing I wouldn’t get to drive it again until next weekend.

Felicia is so jealous of me right now…!  😀

~ Janiss


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