Final school year: Goodwin Hall is finally open

After watching construction crews build it over the last couple of years, the first wing of Goodwin Hall is open. State-of-the-art dorm and all that stuff.

Daniel and I are both staying here (not in the same room, of course) but I’m worried about him. Ever since he changed his major to this law enforcement thing, I don’t think his heart’s been in it. He wouldn’t even tell me about his grades last semester, but they must be okay since he’s still in school. I hate when he gets distant like this.

I really need to crack down to finish this last semester before starting my student teaching in the Spring. I’ll do what I can to help him, but I need to finish my own work first.

I wish I felt more excited, but as a Senior this year it all feels like too much. Classes, applications, barely enough time…

I can’t provide the emotional crutch for both of us right now.

I need him to step up.

~ Janiss (Senior)


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