Meeting Mr. Fisher

Today is the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year.

These are the things you learn when your roomie is REALLY into astrology.

I’d been putting it off, but today I finally drove out to Cedarcrest Sanctum to see if they were still doing that visitation program. I met Yolanda, a cool lady who gave me a quick interview, vetted me, and took me into what she called the “public wing” to meet John Fisher.


John isn’t young, but he’s spry for his age. He seemed grateful for the visit, saying that “young people don’t see what the elderly have to offer.” It sounded a little like “get off of my lawn.” He also has that charming West Virginia hills accent that feels perfectly at home to me.

I could have been talking to my own Grampa. I miss him. Gramma, too.

I asked to stay out at Gramma’s farmhouse over the holiday break; Daniel’s doing a family thing with Eric and their parents this year (their uncle bought them all a holiday cruise or something). After a little pleading, dad finally agreed and said they’d move the Christmas festivities down to central WV if that was what I wanted to do.

So many memories there. I can’t wait to make more.

Talk again next year?

~ Janiss


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