New year, new roomie!

Felicia is my roomie now! Yay!

Summer was cool. I spent a lot of it with my parents, some of it out at Gramma’s farmhouse and a little time up in St. Clairsville. Daniel and I hung out together, too… I might have been a little harsh on him last semester, but I made up for it (wink) and I think we’re in a good place. We even drove up to King’s Island for the 4th… that was an adventure to be detailed at a later time.

I have my mom’s old silver BMW now — a 98, I think — so I can get around without relying on Daniel all the time. It’s still in her name, so I have to keep the front and back Ohio plates on it.

Someone slipped a paper under my door last night. I guess there’s an old folks home out past the prison off Route 5 at the end of Butchers Road. They’re asking for interested students to visit with residents on Sundays since many of them have no local family around. I miss my Gramma and Grampa, so I’m thinking about it.

I turn twenty this year. I’ll no longer be a teenager. It’s about damn time, too.

~ Janiss (practically a hag)


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